When I tell people that I work with eComStation (eCS), a distribution of OS/2, then I get the comment "what's that?", and as soon as I have explained that, "Oh, but that's dead isn't it?". eComStation is an operating system, like Windows, only with a number of advantages.

Why eComStation?
This operating system gives the user the possibility to use OS/2, Windows 3.1 and DOS programs seamlessly together. You can add Java programs, QT programs, through ODIN Windows 32bit programs, through to OS/2 ported Linux libraries recompiled Linux programs. There is Python, Perl, Pascal, C + +, REXX, TCL-TK, Open Watcom ... Sounds nice, but what is it for use to me?

In Windows you often have to upgrade many drivers and programs with the introduction of a new version, freely translated, you must pay again for software with the same functionality as before the upgrade. Many hardware manufacturers often no longer support their hardware when Windows has upgraded two versions. However, your device still functions well, looks good and has little signs of wear. But you have to throw it away due to that upgrade policy because there is no driver anymore. With eComStation this is not the case! All drivers from OS/2 version 2.1 still fully function without hesitation! So you can use your hardware until it is really worn out!

Do you use an "old" program? In Windows it turned out to be a no go, but you can still run it in eComStation. Also that cute small program from 1987 is working fine. In fact, you can even copy and past text from this program while that program even doesn't know what this function is! Also modern software is widely available, Mozilla Suite, Firefox, Thunderbird, Lotus SmartSuite, Open Office ... In short, you choose with what software you work and not the software vendor.

Your system is stable and will last for years!
In 2005 I installed eComStation 1.2 NL on my system, I still work with this installation! My previous installation dated from 1996!, only updated some drivers because USB arrived on the market, the motherboard had been given another "ICH" and the harddisks got a no longer manageable size. This is not the same with Windows, you need to upgrade to a complete new version! Because of the driver model in OS/2 - eCS you can use your hardware until it is really worn out.

Even more benefits
In the background OS/2 or eCS is better thought out. What about one (yes, you read that correctly, 1!) videodriver for all videocards! Videocard broken?, buy a second hand or a new and plug it in, no need for downloading new drivers! Plug in, turn on and go! With USB you need drivers for Windows, often delivered on CD, for OS/2 or eCS its going a little different. You just mount the card reader. You don't need driver software, it's connecting and working! And even better than in Windows. Windows gives a drive letter away for each cardslot. In eCS its going differently, it first examine the cardslot, no card in the slot, then no drive letter assigned. The operating system imposes no restrictions on you like in Windows. The power of current processors goes to eCS and is not consumed by programs that makes your computer "safe". It's OS/2 or eComStation that controls the computer and don't allow unknown systems, so you do not suffer from intruders, viruses, etc.

Are there any disadvantages?
Certainly, the problem is that the industry only sees Windows, the rest just simply not exist! So you don't buy a motherboard straight away. You first need to invest in research if all chipsets are supported by eComStation and if not whether there is a replacement through a plugin card. That's sometimes difficult. However, eComStation continues to improve. With the latest version of eComStation more is supported straight out of the box, but there are motherboards that do better than others. Hard drives, the bigger the better? Remember that everything is packed in a small box and what is technically feasible does not also mean reliable. A "small" disk is more reliable because the tracks on the small disc are wider and less close to each other. There are therefore less read and write errors, so net there is less maintenance. Of course there are users who like all their movies on the PC, I have a separate DVD player for that. It is also important to think carefully about what you want to do with your computer.