The following programs have been tested with Java version 1.6ga5 and Odin 0.8.9 (2013-8-22). If this version of Java gives trouble I go down one version and so on. Some Java programs do not work with Open JDK and therefore not with our Java version which is based on Open JDK. If this is the case I try if it will work with Java version 1.4.2_05 (InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Java). This will be clearly indicated.

The following programs have been tested (programs can also be presented in other categories)
  • = updated July, 2015
  • Raven Lite, is a free software program that lets users record, save, and visualize sounds as spectrograms and waveforms.
  • jlGui, a Music Player application for the Java platform.
  • XtremeMP is a free stable open-source cross-platform media player and visualizer - written in 100% pure java.