JConvert is a free unit conversion program that has a friendly user interface and can also be used with external applications. Conversions can be modified and/or added easily. Supports multiple languages. Downloads and runs in seconds!

System requirements
  • Minimum Java version 1.4.2_05

JConvert on an eComStation machine with Open JDK

Installing JConvert
Download jconvert-1.1.0.jar. Create a folder (directory) "JConvert". Copy the jar file to the new created folder (directory). That's it!

The jconvert.cmd file
With this file the program JConvert starts. I have made a jconvert.cmd file with the following contents;
@echo off
rem Java 1.4.2
SET JAVA_HOME=[drive: java]\JAVA142
set BEGINLIBPATH=[drive: java]\JAVA142\bin
set path=[drive: java]\JAVA142\bin
rem Java 1.6.0
rem set path=[drive: java]\JAVA160ga5\bin
rem set BEGINLIBPATH=[drive: java]\JAVA160ga5\bin
[drive: jconvert]
cd [drive: jconvert]\jconvert
java -Duser.home=[drive: jconvert]\jconvert -jar jconvert-1.1.0.jar 2>jconvertbugs.txt
Delete the Java 1.4.2 lines or delete the Java 1.6.0 lines, depends on what your going to use. Program works with both Java versions. I use 2 separate folders (directories), one for Java and one for JConvert with the files created by this program. The references used in the cmd file;

  • [drive: java] = drive with Java
  • [drive: jconvert] = drive with JConvert

should be replaced with real drive letters. Edit and save the file "jconvert.cmd" from the JConvert-ecs.zip file. This file is copied to the "JConvert" folder (directory). Furthermore, different paths and/or Java version?, adjust according to your needs. Create a new program object. Specify the path and file name: "[drive: jconvert]\jconvert\jconvert.cmd". In the tabpage Session check the boxes "OS/2 window", "Running as an icon" and "Close Window to end program". In the tabpage General you can enter the name "JConvert". You find enclosed in the file a JConvert OS/2 icon.

Parameters / options explained
  • The statement "-Duser.home=[drive: jconvert]\jconvert" will ensure that JConvert will save all necessary files in own directory instead of saving them in the home directory.
  • The addition "2>jconvertbugs.txt" ensures that errors are saved in the file "jconvertbugs.txt". The 2 in "2>" is not a typo!

In the file you can find the above command file (all driveletters are set to C:) and an OS/2 JConvert icon: JConvert-ecs.zip.

revision July 31, 2016