Geometria provides a graphic interface for creating and solving problems in solid geometry. With Geometria, one can draw and measure segments and angles, compute areas and volumes, transform, cut and join figures. Figures can be turned around and manipulated as easily as if having them in one's hands. Geometria is packed with a repository of sample problems and their solutions classified, according to their complexity, into 4 categories. Labels and variables conveniently shield the user from numeric coordinates and measurements. Variables are used in calculations and referenced in drawings. The legacy 3.2 Java version has been retired and is no longer supported. The all-web release 4.0 is the replacement and works in a browser like FireFox. Problem is that there are only startup programs for Windows and Linux (so files). I did wrote about it, but for now version 3.2 is our end station.

System requirements
  • Minimum JRE: 1.6.0 Build 27 GA5 (2013-02-17)

Geometria on an eComStation machine with Open JDK

Installing Geometria
Download Create a directory (folder) "Geometria". Open the zip file en copy the contents into the directory (folder) "Geometria". That's it.

The geometria.cmd file
This version of Geometria works with Open JDK in OS/2-eCS. I have made a geometria.cmd file with the following contents;
@echo off
set path=[drive:java]\JAVA160\bin
set BEGINLIBPATH=[drive:java]\JAVA160\bin
cd [drive:geometria]\geometria
java -Duser.home=[drive:geometria]\geometria 
-cp [drive:geometria]\geometria\lib\* net.geocentral.geometria.view.GFrame %1 2>geometria-bugs.txt
The last two lines are actual one line, but I had to break it up in parts. There is a space between "" and "-cp [drive:geometria]\...". I use 2 separate folders (directories), one for Java and one for Geometria with the files created by this program. The references used in the cmd file;

  • [drive: java] = drive with Java
  • [drive: geometria] = drive with Geometria

should be replaced with real drive letters. Edit and save the file "geometria.cmd" from the distribution. Furthermore, different paths?, adjust according to your needs. Create a new program object. Specify the path and file name: "[drive:geometria]\geometria\geometria.cmd". In the tabpage Session check the boxes "OS/2 window", "Running as an icon" and "Close Window to end program". In the tabpage General you can enter the name "Geometria". You find in the distribution a suitable OS/2 icon.

Parameters / options explained
  • The specification "-Duser.home=[drive:geometria]\geometria" ensures that Geometria will save all necessary files in own directory instead of saving them in the home directory.
  • The addition "2>geometria-bugs.txt" ensures that errors are saved in the file "geometria-bugs.txt". The 2 in "2>" is not a typo! If you don't want reports then you can omit this part.
  • All other specifications and declarations are from the geometria.bat/.sh files, they can be found in the "\source\scripts" directory (folder).

All files are already in the distribution

revision June 11, 2016