Java programs in the test phase
The rise of Java programs suitable for open JDK and so Java for eComStation is faster than I can test and process to instructions for running programs. Below a list of programs that are in test phase to find out whether it will work(main functions) with Java version 1.6ga5(last version) or with Java versie 1.4.2_05 (InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Java).

The following programs are in test phase:
  • = updated September, 2018
  • Cademia, cad program.
  • Gryphon, accounting program
  • Improvisor, music notation program.
  • iTrain, control your model railroad with your computer. I'm going to try this one in 2019/2020 when I'm ready for testing with my own model railroad setup.
  • Jalmus, music education software. Can't save preferences, starting help or website hangs somewhere. Qestions on forum are answered but slow. Have to wait and see. If you don't use preferences or anything with a browser then the program does work, but also read on the forum that there are errors in the presented music material.
  • Jsynoptic, downloaded the program, so far no progress.
  • Jftp, installed succesfully. Does work real good, already used for upload one time with SFTP. Not clear if the package does send unsean passwords to somewhere.
  • jHashCalc, installed. Made a commandfile. No further testing yet. Readme is in Spanish language, don't have that language in my bag.
  • MyPasswords_2_95, downloaded the program, so far no progress.
  • Jacksum-1.7.0, downloaded the program, installed, commandfile ready. So far no progress, needs more testing.
  • JOE, outliner, installed. Made commandfile and did some tests. Busy with translating to Dutch.
  • Yapbam-0.20.6, installed, did some tests. Problems with finding the browser. Busy with translating to Dutch.

revision September 21, 2018