What is JPasswordGenerator?
JPasswordGenerator is a platform independent Java program for creating safe and strong passwords from predefined character sets in a random way. For this a strong number generator is used. JPasswordGenerator is an Open Source project released under the GPL.

JPasswordGenerator has six sets of characters which can be individually enabled and edited. All the characters from the enabled sets are puted together in a character pool (duplicate characters will not be removed!). You can configure the range for the length of the password. When you press the "Create" button a password will be created. If you don't like the created password you press again on the "Create" button. The created password is displayed in the password field box and copied in the system clipboard, so it's easy to paste it an editor, email and so on.

JPasswordGenerator on an eComStation machine with Open JDK

Installing JPasswordGenerator
Download other_jpasswordgenerator-1.2.zip. Create a folder (directory) "JPasswordGenerator". Open the zip file with a filemanager and copy the contents to the new folder "JPasswordGenerator". Create a new program object or copy it from the file below. Specify the path and file name: "[drive: JPasswordGenerator]\JPasswordGenerator\JPasswordGenerator.cmd". In the tabpage Session check the boxes "OS/2 window", "Running as an icon" and "Close Window to end program". In the tabpage General you can enter the name "JPasswordGenerator".

The used cmd file
JPasswordGenerator works well with Open JDK in OS/2-eCS. I have created an UPM.cmd file with the following contents;
@echo off
set BEGINLIBPATH=[drive: java]\JAVA160\bin
set path=[drive: java]\JAVA160\bin
[drive: JPasswordGenerator]
cd [drive: JPasswordGenerator]\JPasswordGenerator
java -jar jstart.jar 2>JPasswordGenerator-bugs.txt
I use 2 separate folders (directories), one for Java and one for JPasswordGenerator with the files created by this program. The references used in the cmd file;

  • [drive: java] = drive with Java
  • [drive: JPasswordGenerator] = drive with JPasswordGenerator

should be replaced with real drive letters. Save the file and name it JPasswordGenerator.cmd or use the commandfile from the distribution. This file is copied to the JPasswordGenerator folder (directory). Furthermore, different paths?, adjust according to your needs. The addition "2>JPasswordGenerator-bugs.txt" ensures that errors are saved in the file "JPasswordGenerator-bugs.txt". The 2 in "2>" is not a typo!

In the file you can find the above command file (all drive letters are on set to C:) and an OS/2 JPasswordGenerator icon: JPasswordGenerator-eCS.zip.

revision December 28, 2012