As of version 12 JAlbum has integrated the Chromium Browser from Google. The integrated Chromium Browser didn't work on my system, I got error files with "JavaThread "Image Fetcher 2" daemon" and "Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError". You have to switch off the integrated browser in the preferences and add a few things in the cmd file (see below) if you want to work with JAlbum versions 12 and up. Be aware that you have to buy a license for JAlbum versions 12 and up, depending on what you want the cheapest is Euro 39,=/US$ 44,=. (checked 09 August 2015, still a bargain)

Up to version 11.6.14 JAlbum just works with OpenJDK. The problems of starting up help or a preview or a slideshow are in the past. I have changed the startup commandfile in a way that you can use it for version 11.6.14 and later. This has the advantage that it doesn't matter what browser is configured in your registry. The only thing which is not working are some skins based on flash. But should we be sorry about that? At the office I have just about every week an update of flash, seems that the flash program is not that good....

JAlbum on an eComStation machine with Open JDK

Installing JAlbum
Always download JAlbum as a zip file. Create a new directory with a name like JAlbum_ [version], where [version] is replaced by the version of JAlbum, at the time of writing, the last free version is 11.6.14. The directory will then be named JAlbum_11614. Open in FC/2 or an other file manager the zip file. You will see a subdirectory JAlbum. Go IN this directory and highlight everything. Copy this into the newly created directory JAlbum_ [version].

The used cmd file
I use the following cmd file with JAlbum version 11.6.14 and later;
@echo off
SET BEGINLIBPATH=[drive: programs]\JAVA160\bin
SET PATH=[drive: programs]\JAVA160\bin
SET APPDATA=[drive: pictures]\MyAlbums
[drive: programs]
cd [drive: programs]\JAlbum
java -Dbrowser.cmd="[drive: programs]\firefox\firefox!egl.exe" -Dbrowser.arg0="$url" -Xmx400M -jar JAlbum.jar
I use 2 separate directories (maps/folders), one for the programs Java and Firefox and one for all images. The references used in the cmd file;

  • [Drive: programs]
  • [Drive: pictures]

should be replaced with real drive letters. Edit the file JAlbum_J160.cmd from the download. The "J160" indicates that this file works with Java version 1.60 (aka version 6). You can rename it if you like. This file is copied to the JAlbum_ [version] directory. The only thing that needs to be adapted to a new version of JAlbum is the version number if you keep older versions.

The line "java..." is presented here in two lines, but is one line in the command file. In this example I make use of the package RUN!, see the instructions in this package. I found out that the "-Xmx400M" found in Linux sh file and other documents is not enough for running in OS/2-eCS when you also edit pictures. Replace it with "-Xmx512M" or more if you have big pictures. The "-Dbrowser.cmd=" tells JAlbum where it can find the browser and the used "-Dbrowser.arg0=" sees to it that the output from JAlbum is recognized and accepted by the browser. The above commandfile is tested with Java version 1.6GA5, Firefox versions 10.0.12r2, 17.0.11esr and 24.8.1 and JAlbum versions 11.6.14 and 12.1.9. If you have trouble with an other combination please let me know.

The download contains the cmd file, all drive letters are set to C: and an OS/2 JAlbum icon; JAlbum_J160.zipNew

revision August 9, 2015