Java is also available for eComStation. The latest version is version 1.6, also sometimes called version 6.0. You can not include general lines in the config.sys, since there are several Java programs that require a lower version to work with. Java programs should therefore be started with a trick. In eComStation there are even more solutions with advantages and disadvantages for each solution. Many Java programs are available only with distributions for Windows, Mac or Linux. And none of these distributions can be installed straightaway. Also some distributions may not be changed, so repacking with the OS/2-eComStation solution is sometimes not possible. On this page I give additional information about how these distributions can run in a Java environment in eComStation. The available programs are divided into categories, in this way you can search more quickly if a program is available in Java.

The following categories are currently available:
(you can click on text or icon in the menubar)
  • Home, with this choice you go to the main menu.
  • Install Java & applications, presentation about Java & applications and how to install.
  • Web programs, all programs that can do something with a web page.
  • Utilities, all utilities and also programs which can not be classified for now.
  • Games, games or programs with a game-like character.
  • Photo & image editing, all programs with which you can edit photos or images.
  • Cad & drawing programs, all programs with which you can draw.
  • Multimedia programs, all programs that do something with video and/or sound.
  • Office programs, all programs that do something with text, spreadsheets, data processing, pdf, spelling etc.
  • Educational programs, programs with an educational character.
  • Development programs, programs for programming in Java.
  • Test phase, new discovered programs of which it is still unknown whether these work in an open JDK environment.
  • Disapproved, programs which malfunction in the implementation of Open JDK for eCS or which are very slow.