Originally released to convert Psion databases to other formats. But the program is so universal that other systems can also benefit from it. There are several standard formats available and they have build in a special "learning mode". The program is designed for Windows 3.1, so it works perfectly in Win-16 or Win-OS/2 session.

example of 3Base

The program works fine in a WIN-16 session and adapts well to this environment. The example shown (Dutch, but there is an English version available) displays the first field in a database with Psion Draad/2 index data. It is clearly visible that there are 8 fields. With the button "convert" (In the example "Converteren") you jump directly to the screen with standard conversions. This is the conversion screen. You have to choose the type of conversion and save the new file. There is extensive help available. Read the readme.txt because of the many *.VBX files and the file vbrun300.dll.

  • Windows 3.1 complete package
  • Many standard conversions
  • Fast processing
  • Extensive help

  • Windows 3.1, WIN-OS2 or WIN-16 is necessary
  • Lack of modern database systems
  • Learn mode focused only on ascii
  • Freeware, package is no longer supported by Palmtop B.V.

Download (bottom of page) and more information about 3Base