One of the best programs on the market from Psion is PsiWin for Windows 3.1. This version has a few advantages compared to the later released PsiWin for Windows 95 and higher. One of the pluses is that the Psion Series 3 (x) can work much better with the package, even if something from the Psion should be put on paper. The jewel of the package is the Psion Database. This is a freeform database. It is more than a collection of cards. For example, it is not necessary to create fields. If fields are created then the fieldnames are on the left. However, the length of the field is once again completely free (up to about an A4 text).

example of a card in the Psion database

The program works fine in Win-16 windowed session and adapts well to this environment. The database shown was used by me in one of my helpdesk activities. Its clearly visible that field 2 contains lots of text. There are many other applications possible, for example book titles, CD titles, movie titles, addresses, driving directions and if you own a Psion 3(a,c,x), shoppinglists etc. All necessary options are present. Create cards, delete or modify them. Search, browse directly to a card, but of course also copy, paste and cut.

  • Databases can be used on the Psion Series 3 a,c,mx without conversion.
  • Windows 3.1 complete package
  • Databases are in the so called "freeform" format
  • No limit to the number of fields
  • No restriction on field lengths
  • Extensive help

  • Windows 3.1, WIN-OS2 or Win16 session is necessary
  • Only the entire package can be installed
  • Database is not relational
  • Maximum up to 65,534 records
  • Only the first 21 characters of field names are used
  • Extensive help too much focused on the combination with a Psion

Here you can download PsiWin version 1.1 Millennium