The Wacom Bamboo tablet is a combination of a thin tablet with a pen. There are two versions of the tablet, these are;

  • A tablet with a pen
  • A tablet with pen and touch

The pen has a tip and two buttons and works without batteries. There is relative and an absolute user mode setting. The tablet can be adjusted to left and right handed. The buttons on the pen and the tablet Express Keys are programmable. The tablet can be adjusted to the screen sizes in use. The Wacom Intuos works better with pen in an OS/2-eCS environment than in a Microsoft Windows XP environment.

  • Works very intuitive
  • Driver is transparent to the mouse and setting up the mouse remains possible
  • The pen tip, buttons and Express Keys are programmable via parameters
  • Works with OS/2-eCS, OS2-Win/Win-16 session and DOS session without a hitch, even when passing from one session to another session.
  • Pen does not require batteries and is cordless
  • No RSI because you don't operate a mouse with the wrong movements!
  • Great freedom, comfortable grip
  • With the pen in your hand you can still typing on the keyboard
  • Works very fast in so-called "tablet" mode, this is the absolute working mode
  • Makes no distinction between right and left handers

  • The pen doesn't work right in an OS2-Win or Win-16 full screen session, only a part of the screen can be used. This has to do with a resolution difference between OS2-Win or Win-16 and the pen.
  • Setup only by means of parameters
  • Pen tip can easily be damaged according Wacom

Not yet available. There is a cmd file available on the page of Wim Brul. On his site you can also find more USB development tools.