• Used programs
  • The operating system eComStation version 1.2NL (known as OS/2)
  • Manual HTML (http://www.handleidinghtml.nl) by Hans de Jong, version 16 januari 2005
  • Firefox 38.8.0 for OS/2 (testing pages)
  • WebWriter/2 version 1.2 (writing HTML pages)
  • Kompozer version 0.8b3 (20120827)(writing HTML pages)
  • Total Validator version 6.13.1 (testing/validating HTML pages)
  • PMView Pro version 3.78 (editing pictures/drawings/managing pictures/drawings)
  • Embellish version 2.02 (making pictures/editing pictures/gif animations)
  • Color Point version 1.01 (choosing colors)
  • Color Tool version 1.0 (choosing colors)
  • File Commander/2 version 2.40 (file management)
  • NFTPPM for OS/2 version 1.71 (upload homepage)

The pages are formatted at 1024x768 and are no longer tested with Internet Explorer, Microsoft still don't get the message. I can invest my time in better things than effortless testing in an obsolete system from Microsoft. Occasionally I test pages in the available Internet Explorers at the office, but I don't update if something goes wrong. I have several versions of Firefox and Safari. If I'm unsure I will test with them. All pages are tested with Total Validator and found to be correct.

Why prefer (inline)frames and no CSS?
This part of my homepage contains many pages and in the future this will only increase. The setup is with (inline)frames to make things more manageable and maintainable. A page consists of a frame structure with a menu and the final content. I made sure that if someone makes a bookmark of a page that the whole page with menus and all is loaded. That search engines don't like this might be, I don't have no message to their commercial activities.

Why no CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)? This is seen as the solution, however, not all browsers support all in the same way. The list of exceptions which must taken into account is extremely long and extensive. Using CSS along with identical screen layout regardless of the brand and version of the browser is a dead end without a dedicated server with a CMS system. The manufacturers have focused on competing with each other and totally lost sight of their customers. It is ridiculous that specifically for Windows Internet Explorer you always must include different code in order to keep it somewhat presentable. It is time that Microsoft gets the bill presented for this waste of time and energy!